Tricks That Will Get You Paid (1-2)

Tricks That Will Get You Paid (1-2)



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Norsigian Tricks that will Gary Get You Paid VOL.1-2 set(DVD)
Get paid to counsel "good variety of street magic"
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That Will Get You Paid Tricks
ByNorsigian Gary

Volume One you'll learn: On

  • Cigar aroutine - this silent, stand up routine is perfect for stage. Multiple appearances and vanishes of cigars, lighters get bent and vanished, fingers get. Off easily seen by 250 people in bar seating.
  • Of Power Tower The surprises come fast and furious in this three card effect done in the hands. Perfect for tradeshows and walk around..
  • The Up and On Up This is an impromptu multiple card rise. Throw away your Arne Deck.
  • The travelers - the four aces or signed selections are extracted from four different pockets after being buried in the deck. Gary gives his fine points to sell this classic card effect in an even stronger light.
  • Triumph Variation - the In Standing hands triumph where the selected cards rise up out of the deck before deck the is shown to be straightened out.
  • Card Fickle Perfect for entertaining two people at a time while they are waiting in a line. Three quick card changes.
  • Copper - to silver Spellbound and back again a few times. At climax performer puts his finger through the half dollar despite the great pain to his finger.
  • Stock False Shuffle Top This sequence is great for keeping a slug of ten or so cards in place. It will defeat the closest scrutiny.
  • Elevator Chris - Kenner's effect S.W. is presented with a far easier method. This is Gary's favorite effect to punish the hard "cases".
  • Invisible Deck - stage For use the gaffed deck. For close up where pocket space is at a premium you need this variation. Impromptu.

Volume Two you'll learn: On

  • Snap back card - the selected, initialed card keeps popping back into the performer's right hand everytime he inserts it into the deck held in the left hand. Suitable for both close up (but why stop there ) and stage. Gary does it to music.
  • Palm Meets Phoenix Invisible Aces Intended for bigger audiences. A beautiful card effect to be done to music on stage without a table.
  • Cup Routine Chop -Gary's rapid fire routine and his lines will give you a different perspective on this classic effect.
  • Coins through the table - if you are lucky enough to be performing on a table, this one is great. Mike Gallo's blow-back move for the finale phase made this a staple in Gary's restaurant work for many years.
  • Evapor-ace-tion Even - though it Revised uses the table there are a lot of vanishes and appearances in a short period of time.
  • Gun Trick The A good trick to do when you are going through the security check at the airport and you want a few months'vacation.
  • Four-ace-productions One very easy one moderately easy and not one so easy but the flashiest by far. Three
  • Not my fault - a princess card effect that can be done standing while entertaining a group of people in a line. But Gary has taken the basic effect and goosed up for stage with an entirely perverse presentation.
  • Gary's Virus Uncle This is a manipulation piece that can be inserted into your own silent routine. Or use it alone.

Bonus material on both DVD's With!:

TimeApproximately 90min Running


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