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Adam Grace - Ringtone

Demonstration effect :

In today's society the phone seems to have become a necessity of daily life . 10 people met in the street there will be 11 mobile phone . Even a five -year-old children will have their own cell phones. This is the shot in the streets of this magic ellusionist when the actual situation encountered. Use so popular thing to performing magic the effect is of course even more shocked ! Magician to any passerby encountered by a mobile phone then you can not change any settings on the phone but you can change the phone's ringing . Passerby when the phone rang again when the phone ringing their original setting has changed.

When Ellusionist was filming Ringtone on the streets in San Francisco a family strolled by. Adam Grace walked up and asked if anyone had a cell phone. All six of them held up their hands even the 7 year old. That's America.

Most people would not be caught dead without their cell these days. They live on it.

So hit them where they live.

Use anyone's cell phone
Nothing is downloaded onto their phone at any time
One simple electronic gimmick DOES EVERYTHING FOR YOU with some easy sleight of hand
Again push ANY song onto ANY phone
Ends clean as a whistle
No Bluetooth
No Wireless anything
No Laptop
No Downloads
No Stooges
Your 80 year old grandmother could do this

In effect you hijack the ringtone off their phone. When someone calls their phone lights up as usual when the call comes in but ------ only the NEW song plays. The ringtone they HAD on their phone goes bye- bye.

You'll do this on everyone you meet. Think of the bets you could take! "Bet I can give you a new ringtone without changing a single thing on your phone".

Ringtone's the simplest trick you ever did. Great tricks are simple. No Bluetooth no downloading no fuss no muss. Pick up your copy of Ringtone today and start intercepting your friend's ringtones.


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