Ishida evolution white 5

Ishida evolution white 5



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Ishida White Evolution



1. Most are white from unpublished original program principles or improved over the results.
2. Share to many would go along the streets of the table or performing magic faithful valuable experience spot reaction with program ( white version )
3. Whether beginner or nearly band who regardless of want or stage magic show magic up close whether you want to learn cards or coins or super power which has to help you design .
4. In addition to the new program can learn experience theory but you can also use it as a reference book or a dictionary .

1. flame out ... Production of Fire
- Flame cards Deck Production
- Fire a big coin Coin Production
- Flame out CD CD Production
- Flame out Rose Rose Production

If you are doing close or nightclub performances how you opening it To perform the set of magic it Viewers ignore you
In this unit the direct instruction when white along the table show how to create a super- flame effect to attract the audience attention immediately let the audience for the professional impression you extra points followed by performances without their drawbacks.

2. White soul lingers Shiro's Ambitious Card Routine
- Basic techniques Basic Method
- Advanced Applications Advanced Method
- Card into the mouth Card to Mouth
- Card into the card box Card to Box
- Card into the Card to Shoes Shoes
- Card into the sealed bag (Wayne Houchin & Houdini)
- Street Experience

Friends will most magic lingers but the actual street performers along the table or not the same but in this unit inside the white magic learned career which comprises a combination of the basic principles of advanced techniques or make improvements your program 's most exciting the audience will have read on the impulse it is important is that you will see the actual street performers how to interact with the audience some rules of thumb and precautions without reservation to let you do is open to you for reference.

3. The ever-changing canon Change Changed & Changing
- Cards for a license Bottom Change
- Butterfly Draw Buterfly Change
- Whirlwind Draw Cyclones Change
- Eager for a license Ego Change (Daniel Garcia)
- The nature of the renewal of licenses Eidetic chang
- Spring for a license Flick chnage
- Huo Xier for a license Jenngings Hofsinzer Change
- Bounce Jump change change card
- Miracle cards Miracle change change
- One-handed rotation for a license Spin Change (One Hand)
- Picture Draw Paintbrush Change
- Pi Luote dual variable licensing Piroet Double change
- Edenasi dual variable licensing SWERDNASE Double Change
- Jones for a license Jones Change (Dan & Dave Buck)
- Fillip change brand Snap change
- Afterimage change card Tebe Change
- Tunnel change card Tunnel Change
- Window change card Windows change
- Blink Wink change change card
20 kinds of methods and so on ..

When learning card magic will think if I can match some of the fancy brand becomes law will make the whole process a lot chromophore so white deliberately collect some very good results with classic variable licensing practices including homemade Cyclones for a license for a license butterfly with foreign magician wonderful technique you definitely love the change card Collection.

4. Picasso Picasso Sketchpad Sketchpad
Original creative program an album as long as you 've painted anything you will come true three-dimensional plane change clever principle performing magic for you to show their talents in the party or the stage.

5. Ninja Story Ninja Story
Combined with a variety of coin practices challenge the traditional four coins collection need to use four cards now just two cards no no no even if you only need to use a card not just the collection but also reverse slow such as water fast such as lightning white choreography desktop coin program I hope you will like it.

6. opposite direction diversion Misdirection Transform
Two people think heart pattern through the exchange of spiritual rearrange molecules and molecules the graph on the signature card diversion slowly in the opposite direction and finally reversed ingenuity careful you are sure to between lovers lovers learn mentalism .

7. an instant A Blink of an ACE
According to statistics the magician with ACE to magic up more than 80% probability but you also need to master one by one to find out Share White Proud skill when performing magic 4A will be used in the 4A Fancy to you the eyes do not blink because all things happen in a split .

8. Ultimate Signature coins into the bottle Ultimate Coin thru Bottle
Still use prior to the coin in a bottle way Still looking for there is no more perfect way to do that Do not put coins in the bottle in advance do not dig holes cut in the bottle without label cover do not wear magnetic ring before and after the bottle can show to the audience completely check the bottle coin is guaranteed to be the audience's signature coins how could that be white never published the original principle but so what the magic of light on the value of the process is not Fiji Hello

9. Mind Poker Mind-Reading Deck
Cut a deck of cards shuffling cards at any audience then turned him remember a card magician totally did not encounter did not see the state license ask the audience to cover card into card in your hand just look at the pupil of the audience the audience can actually hand no less speak out do not sign cards without Anzhuang no key card without Setting you can check to ensure a clean original principle that you absolutely can not think let you fool one vote magician friends.

10. The danger of Russia Russia Roulette
I'm in love with one of the programs in the nightclub performances all the props in the restaurants have to take so the audience has placed the cup on the big nail chassis free cup mess followed by stimulation of the game one a good life when the stakes like Russian roulette the audience broke designated risk of 100 percent 100 percent degree of stimulation the atmosphere High to the highest point you must be a program yo white props improved over the free version .

11. Reversal Reverse Matrix Matrix
You have seen the cards you can play four coins set it Contains a collection of reversal using a number of techniques rearranged into magic specifically for a friend like poker program performance . ng>


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